The bed is rest, it is passion, dream and imagination. It accompanies us in our daily lives, it lives with us and welcomes us at any time.


Modern beds: Artigianaletti’s largest collection, consisting mainly of beds
that make modernity and design
their strong point.

Classic beds: the interpretation of the classic bed according to Artigianaletti.
A collection designed for those seeking an unmistakable style and character.

Contemporary beds and cots:
soft dreams features models that combine beauty with convenience, a smart collection suitable for everyone.


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Why choose an Artigianaletti bed

Quality of materials

Customizable bed frames

Wide selection of matching feet

Wide range of fabrics, velvets and faux leathers

AL beds are 100% Made in Italy
Whoever buys an ArtigianaLetti product buys a product that
is entirely Made in Italy. Every component is sourced from
trusted Italian suppliers; every workmanship is carried out
by local personnel, strong in the craftsmanship tradition of
the Marche region, which makes our products unique.


Our hand-crafted tailoring workshop creates beds designed for your bespoke dreams. Beds with a double soul: aesthetic pleasure for your eyes and your best relaxation.


We manufacture our products with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each of our beds is a combination of creative innovation and expert craftsmanship.


Over the years we have developed a very wide range of beds to meet any requirement. A catalogue of modern, contemporary, classic and boiserie beds.

We like to think that every moment spent on one of our beds is a moment of serenity. Our goal is to make products that make our customers happy and satisfied with their choice.